29 December 2009

Jun Togawa

This says it better than I would.

21 December 2009

Cosmic beings

superimposed outer space onto figures !!!
Tsumori Chisato & Jeremy Scott tights !!!
I didn't include it, but that wonderful array of outer space fashions that are so flippin' gorgeous, I can't even deal .....
Click on some images !!!

06 December 2009

Picture Box

This theme song is much less a nightmare.

30 November 2009

lil preview

Shuttle Cakes is coming along..

22 November 2009

Shuttle cakes

"shuttle cakes" art zine

I often bring this image up to remind myself to work on my art book (zine). There are actually three more similarly detailed unfinished drawings attached to this one, in three compartments on a folded piece of 8.5" x 11".

05 November 2009

Haulin' oats

I'm out of my head when I'm out of touch and out of time.

26 September 2009

Sally Cruikshank

Check out more of her work here & her website here

22 September 2009

25 August 2009

square pegs, always never quite right


2. HIGHER, BY VIVIEN VEE - no words to express her back-up dancers

28 April 2009

10 April 2009

//\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\

hair wrapping /// gia carangi //// nathalie du pasquier
orange lipsticks, yellow lipsticks

hmmm nice parachute pants pattern...

i need a copy of the gia carangi biography!!!!

see more eye-popping textile designs

ps: is this my trendy post?

28 March 2009

mercibeaucoup ss2008/fw2009

no harem pants for me

i found this infashion magazine in one of those "magazines of the world" type places that has some mercibeaucoup in it. first found out about via uuiuu

15 March 2009

Smylonylon tapes

smylonylon..............................tapes that feature some bizarro disco rocknroll lounge and who knows what. (thank you jocelyn via michael via tapes he found?????)


wishin' there were more, this blog, Dalston Oxfam Shop, has some of the tapes digitalized, and it's not just smylonylon on there...

other new thangs..............
catatonic youth c/o jocelyn /////// nite jewel //////// baby sloth spirit

21 February 2009

Gettin' by


marker pen and le pen, printer paper - around xmas time

check out my

pentel marker pens, smooth bristol - a couple hours ago

Why am I always forgetting to amass shirts or sweaters or anything to draw on?

18 February 2009


Oh, just a book I read that made the moon appear to be this porridge/granulated/gummy/gooey/eye-sand/crustaceans kind of world that you can climb onto and get sucked in.

16 February 2009

Gift box

would make a nice gift!

14 February 2009

Immune to emotion

"I don't wear one apron. I always wear two. It's more safe." - Mother (not just sayin')

"Sit in front of a mirror so you don't have to drink alone." - Father (just sayin')

10 February 2009

The small faces

This unfinished work, will be end papers for a zine or book or thing i will create in the future, printed on some kind of translucent paper.

It's just the bottom half of an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

09 February 2009


Acne Estrada wedge sandals

A feast for my eyes, but not for my feet. Ah well!

01 February 2009

12 days a week

that wasn't a good week................

rune naito

27 January 2009


by Ann Rand, illustrated by Olle Eksell

here are more images from the book.

reminds me of ryohei yanagihara

04 January 2009

"What is she doing?

Combing each hair individually?"

- Mom, referring to my sloth speed

Waking up in dreamland..

Seymour Chwast

Milton Glaser

some graphic design "push pin studio" action.