23 October 2010


18 October 2010

Pink Narcissus, by James Bidgood, 1971

I had re-discovered an image from yearrrrrs ago. I went through a time machine.... perusing a Paper Magazine from high school. My eyes fall upon an image of an almost naked man that reminds me of the characters in Fellini's film, "Satyricon," 1969.


Click around and look at the gorgeous photos !

Has hints of Kenneth Anger's imagery.

Most of this film was created in his studio apartment during the 60s, as were his photographs.

This is such a gem. Here is John Waters presenting to you, Pink Narcissus. This clip doesn't include the film, just opening information and closing comments. From "John Waters Presents Movies That Will Corrupt You".

And a clip.

71 min | UK: 64 min | UK: 70 min (video) | USA: 64 min (Strand dvd)

PS: Inspired by Bidgood, here is a Pierre et Gilles creation and lovely music video

My brain is melting.

03 October 2010

Pink pop

16 September 2010

Tomorrow 9/17

11 September 2010

JX Williams

The opening of the first film, The Virgin Sacrifice, survived a fire. Also seen on "Experiments in Terror" dvd through my friends Bob or Allen or both with their impeccable tastes, I ended up getting my own copy.

10 September 2010

Tokyo Performance Doll

Early-to-mid 90s J-pop

07 September 2010

A peek into the romance of outer space and cake

Half of an 8.5" x 11" drawing

Drawings for 'Shuttle Cakes' zine will appear in a group show in September ... ... ... ...

See info below

19 August 2010

Some shuttle cakes

some shuttle cakes

9" x 12" , 2009

05 August 2010

Age 16, y2cake

Age 16

I just found this last night in my old bedroom. Dated with stars like this: 10*31*00.

My drawings of now have progressed a lot and they will be shown in Brooklyn, come mid-September. Sneak previews comings soon................

Erwin Blumefeld

28 March 2010

I am an animal

via Roger Aristotle

This is one of the many gems shared on The Anesthetic's Wearing Off

09 March 2010

If I gave you a party

TELL YOU (TODAY) blog has a feature on party fliers that are way too great!! The archive is pretty massive and mind-blowing.

The title of my post is the name of this song:

07 March 2010

The Cake

Eleanor Barooshian/Chelsea Lee & Tiny Tim

Read about the late 60's group, The Cake

Let's all chant

Michael Zager Band

04 March 2010


via Jalouse
Read about this song, Prisencolinensinainciusol

22 February 2010


catch my
There were no Seitan Tacos at

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

26 January 2010

Re-inventing the Solar System

via cosmic-dust ... gorgeous

cropped image from unfinished 8.5" x 11" drawing, for my art book/zine
via my lo-res picture phone

Seriously though, I am excited to get this project done already, and that first image is inspiring.

edit: In addition to multiple Saturns, I just found another work with a skull & Saturn, on a blanket, by Peter Sutherland.

08 January 2010

József Nepp

Öt perc gyilkosság - Five Minutes of Murder, 1966

Also, Mese a bogárról - Tale About the Beetle, 1963

Kathy Rose & Yoji Kuri

Kathy Rose is a performance artist by way of animator.

Images (and good article) via Splog.

and then this wonderful....
Yoji Kuri

Aos, 1964

The Bathroom, 1970

Love - Ai, 1980

Don't forget about Sally Cruikshank.