26 July 2012

Etsy shop updates

I have now included artwork from as early as 2007, including four petite drawings of the four seasons, as well as the darling that you see as the header of this blog.


I also made a facebook page, Susan Belle

To be continued...

16 May 2012

Sherbet prism power

Hello! I have added a couple drawings to my shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/susanbelle

"Sherbet prism power" attack! ~ $65

Mini darling acrobat ~ $40

07 May 2012

Pastel rainbow sherbet visions

It's ~can~ be in bad taste to share possibly ~unfinished works~, but I need to let you know I'm updating my etsy shop soon! There will be more!!!

Enjoy this amazing scene, especially the tree and the synth meows. Oh, Chantal Goya

13 April 2012

"..wears a dollop of meringue on her head.."

Maggie Lee, known for her photography, zines, video salads, frequent write ups on the Urban Outfitters blog, and more, wrote a blog post about my work that I can compare to the way I feel when diving into a blueberry napoleon from Fortunato Brothers in Brooklyn.

Read about it here


Isaac's refreshing scoop of video mashup

themostimportantvideoyoumayeverwatchreally from Isaac Royffe on Vimeo.

Fullscreen and savor it!!

28 March 2012

7th cosmic cake heaven

This is my 7th cosmic cake heaven drawing of my series entitled "Shuttle Cakes" from 2008-2010, and now 2012. This was finished just last week. I have been lovingly laying out my zine, "Shuttle Cakes" since then.

Also, I am working on the branding for a friend's online store! Yessss.

25 March 2012


Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

15 March 2012


Another music video from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

04 January 2012

Darla - Cautious, "Miss Perfect"

Not dated, but style-wise, I was most likely 14 years old.

Click the image to view larger.

02 January 2012

Mini darling drawings for sale!

shop : untitled (mini darling in a blue dress)

shop : untitled (mini darling in red romper)

Many more will pop up soon! Each of these 5" x 7"s will be framed be sent unframed (cheaper shipping/money is tight), and I have about 8 more, or infinitely more.