23 October 2010


18 October 2010

Pink Narcissus, by James Bidgood, 1971

I had re-discovered an image from yearrrrrs ago. I went through a time machine.... perusing a Paper Magazine from high school. My eyes fall upon an image of an almost naked man that reminds me of the characters in Fellini's film, "Satyricon," 1969.


Click around and look at the gorgeous photos !

Has hints of Kenneth Anger's imagery.

Most of this film was created in his studio apartment during the 60s, as were his photographs.

This is such a gem. Here is John Waters presenting to you, Pink Narcissus. This clip doesn't include the film, just opening information and closing comments. From "John Waters Presents Movies That Will Corrupt You".

And a clip.

71 min | UK: 64 min | UK: 70 min (video) | USA: 64 min (Strand dvd)

PS: Inspired by Bidgood, here is a Pierre et Gilles creation and lovely music video

My brain is melting.

03 October 2010

Pink pop