21 February 2009

Gettin' by


marker pen and le pen, printer paper - around xmas time

check out my

pentel marker pens, smooth bristol - a couple hours ago

Why am I always forgetting to amass shirts or sweaters or anything to draw on?

18 February 2009


Oh, just a book I read that made the moon appear to be this porridge/granulated/gummy/gooey/eye-sand/crustaceans kind of world that you can climb onto and get sucked in.

16 February 2009

Gift box

would make a nice gift!

14 February 2009

Immune to emotion

"I don't wear one apron. I always wear two. It's more safe." - Mother (not just sayin')

"Sit in front of a mirror so you don't have to drink alone." - Father (just sayin')

10 February 2009

The small faces

This unfinished work, will be end papers for a zine or book or thing i will create in the future, printed on some kind of translucent paper.

It's just the bottom half of an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

09 February 2009


Acne Estrada wedge sandals

A feast for my eyes, but not for my feet. Ah well!

01 February 2009

12 days a week

that wasn't a good week................

rune naito