10 November 2011



I can't help it, but the above Les Sucettes video has been a favourite. The giant dancing lollipops..

Here is a YSL wedding dress from 1965, a bit funny.

Another 60's controversy, The Cake's "You can have him" video, in which one of the singers stands still and lip-syncs.

03 November 2011

Slight dream come true

I spent every free second drawing while I downloaded over 200 photos, one at a time, at work with slow internet.

Crucial tweets

"MarthaStewart Martha Stewart
Klaus is introducing the film the holy mountain , alejando jodorowsky director. 1973
31 Oct

MarthaStewart Martha Stewart
Another participant, terence koh , attending the film showing tonight at the moma twitpic.com/791d7w
31 Oct

MarthaStewart Martha Stewart
@klausbiesenbach at the moma for the showing of holy mountain twitpic.com/791a1v
31 Oct

MarthaStewart Martha Stewart
At the modern for a pre theatre drink and saw these three costumed folk happy halloween twitpic.com/790uuk
31 Oct" Genesis P-orridge !

I wasn't able to go to the above, but went to a talk with Jodorowsky after a viewing of "El Topo" at Lincoln Center. Last year, he spoke about his book that was translated in English, Psychomagic: The Transformative Power of Shamanic Psychotherapy.